"Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure." - American Psychological Association

Anxiety Support

Anxiety Feels Like ...

Anxiety can look and feel different for everyone. You can feel rushed and pressured, while your heart is pounding. Other times, you might feel hot and irritable like a volcano ready to explode. You might also hide (physically or internally) and shut down while your body feels paralyzed or like you are floating away. Most people do not talk about their anxiety because of stigmas, the fear of uncomfortable conversations, fear of judgments, and because you think it is easier to keep it hidden. Keeping silent is only a temporary solution and can lead to long-term problems; think of the volcano ready to explode. 


Anxiety Treatment ... 

Guess what? Anxiety is totally normal and the vast majority of people experience feelings of nervousness, worry, and fear even if you can not see it. When something is new, risky, traumatic, or really important then of course you are going to worry about the process, the outcome, and your performance. Anxiety is attached to intense feeling and feelings are temporary. They also ebb and flow at different intensities just like anger, happiness, and motivation. However, anxiety can be much more difficult to manage leading to behaviors and reactions that make things worse. 

Anxiety can also be helpful for you! It can help you meet deadlines, pay attention to details, and measure importance. Therapy can help you better understand your anxiety and knowledge is power. If you typically go from calm to panic and don't feel in control of your worry, it might be time to get support and learn to manage your anxiety and respond instead of react. 


Next Steps ... 

At SouthView Counseling, I can offer you the space and tools you might be looking for. I can help you learn what your cues and triggers to anxiety are. I can help you manage your anxiety at different locations and different settings. Together, we can get you back in-control. To learn more about how to manage your anxiety, about how to call for a consult, or how to schedule an appointment